Established in 1945, Al Buainain is Saudi’s independent retail petroleum supplier. From Jubail Town in eastern province of the Kingdom of UAE & Qatar’s borders. Al Buainain has a track record of being a preferred supplier of fuel for independent fuel station owners. With over 20 stations and more signing up every month. Al Buainain has proven performance and a competitive brand solution.

Al Buainain can effectively supply and deliver all petroleum products at a cost effective price to both retail and wholesaler customer.


Albuainain strives to be the largest independent privately owned retail fuel marketer in Saudi Arabia, by providing our fuel customers well priced products, timely deliveries and innovative brand programs for independent fuel stations.


To provide independent service station owners with a cutting edge fuel supply program designed to maximize site profitability and increase customer retention.


Great Customer Service
Our personalized customer service and support team is the best in the industry at hassle-free communication. We are focused on helping our dealers succeed. Each dealer is provided with a dedicated representative who gains a thorough understanding of their business.


Dealer Driven

Here at Albuainain we want to work WITH our customers, not compete against them. With NO corporate facilities; our business is your business and everything we do, we do for our cutomers.

Be the Best

We seek high operational standards to maintain long-term winning relationships with our customers and suppliers giving us a strong competitive foundation on which we can continue to build and grow as a brand.

Innovative And Stay Ahead

In this rapidly, competitive enviornment personal communication with our customers is essential to providing innovative programs, wichi contribute directly to their bottom line. It is our GOAL to deliver an exeptional program to fuel customers allowing them to unlock and maximize the potential of each location.

Facilities at our fuel stations:-

  • Fueling vehicles and light equipment (Gasoline – Diesel)
  • Fueling heavy vehicles and equipment (Gasoline – Diesel)
  • Tires Repairs Shops and Change Oil Services.
  • Super Market – Restaurant – Motel – Barbershop
  • Coffee Shop – WiFi Internet