Sea Cruise

An island in the sun. Exquisite hospitality for an unforgettable weekend in Jubail’s most charming destinations. Al-Buainain Sea Cruise has placed you and your colleagues on top of customer’s lists. Live and love these bewitching pleasure islands! There are hundred things to do on this idyllic retreat. Hop on board Ainain cruise; transcend your yearning to enjoy your whole day to the island of desire, the Jana and Graid. Then stop by sun drenched for swimming, do your snorkeling gear, and gasp at colorful coral gardens and fish below. In the afternoon, enjoy leisure and beach activities. An island for fishing, sunbathing and exploring vibrant marine life. Jana known for its breathtaking under water, a plethora of marine life and amazing coral reefs.

Dine and spend the rest of your day of overnight on board cruising around the harbor through and authentic and splendid atmosphere that takes you away from the hullabaloo city and work troubles. Relax and enjoy the breathtaking sunset while sailing away by the shore of the beautiful islands.

Al Buainain yacht specially designed for such cruises and equipped with its familliar and public halls, comfortable seats, bedrooms, air-conditioning, TV, video, contact services and cafeteria as well as safety gears e.g. life jackets, life boats.

We are sure you will avail this opportunity by getting new avenue to your life. When you think of an exciting, and adventurous journey, we invite you to be part of our customer’s Service for an advantageous price.

Short-round & Long-round cruises:

The yacht sails daily around Al-Fanateer and Al-Hawailat Beaches and last for about an hour. The Yacht present recreation cruises for beach visitors from Jubail and outside areas. For long-round cruise, the yacht starts cruising at about 6 o’clock in the morning from Fanateer marina and returns back at 5 o’clock in the evening. You can arrange for an overnight and up to 38 hours booth in Jana and Graid islands.

Island cruises are arranged in group system, whether by family, company, organization, etc., that accommodates 80 persons. Free snack and soft drinks are included and served for all passangers during cruise time or arrange with us for sumptuous lunch and dinner.